It’s More Fun In Pinas!

Mister International 2011 Finalist and Mister Internet Popularity: Mister Philippines Fhrancis Oliver Lopez

Mabuhay! Guilty as charged, I know that I’ve been away for a month to be with my family + acquaint with my long-time no-see pals + reunite with my long lost classmates in elementary, high school and college + meet up new very interesting people + hook up with some + ironing a few business deals + travel to some FUNTABULOUS places in my own country that I’ve been dying to visit ever since + my super excitement & fascination with the upcoming concert of idol & pop diva Cyndi Lauper in Manila = this long neglected blog.

And do believe me if I say that as much as I want to share with you a lot of things especially my memorable EXPERIENCES that time, unfortunately, I’m Wi-Fi-less in Manila! My sis-in-law (as always) lend me her Smart Bro stick so I can go online but only after one time use, I couldn’t connect anymore. So pardon me. This long vackay only happens to me once in a blurblue moon.

Coincidentally during my stay, the Department of Tourism launched its new global campaign: “It’s More Fun In The Philippines.” And what a timing indeed it was. For the first time in my “no-need-to-mention-age-of-mine”, I was able to visit Tagaytay and sight the majestic Taal Volcano. I went with two elder sisters and my sis-in-law who drove for us the whole day. Leaving very wee hours from our home, we went for FUN “mountain climbing” at People’s Park In The Sky. Foggy and very chilly, ’twas a nice escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Here’s a sample souvenir pic with my sisters interpolating the newly launched infamous tagline, “It’s More Fun In The Philippines”. . .

Unsuccessful to view the volcano from this peak due to massive fog even though it’s already nearly twelve noon, we decided to chance it at Picnic Grove after our zesty lunch in the most famous and arguably most delicious bulalohan in Tagaytay. . .

With the help from the antique Pentax Porro-prism binoculars that we inherited from our Japanese grandmother, we were able to catch the close-up view of the crater. In fact, we even saw people boating and sailing around the lake using it. Once again, I incorporated the tagline in my souvenir photo with the World’s Smallest Volcano. . .

More fun blogging soon \\{“,}//


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