Cyndi Lauper Back to Philippines on March 2012!

After 23 years, the legendary and very talented pop icon Cyndi Lauper is performing back to Philippines! Yes, she was last seen performing live in Pilipinas kong mahal at the Folk Arts Theater last October 13 & 14, 1989 and despite the typhoon that hit Manila that time, Cyndi’s fans came to see her including Filipino celebrities and famous personalities. And not just that, Cyndi with a golden heart donated to the victims of the typhoon. You may read that article I made HERE.

So mark your calendars everyone: March 17, 2012Cyndi Lauper is coming back to perform her classic hits and new songs live at the Smart Araneta Coliseum! Tickets will be sold soon and will keep you posted once it’s out. Thanks to Pulp Live Productions for bringing her back to Philippines!

And even though I’m currently in Bangkok, I will surely book my flight back to Philippines just to catch Cyndi. I’ve already missed her concert in 1989 and I don’t want that to happen ever again. Hope the tickets will be out in December or early January so I can purchase my ticket myself. If not, I ‘ll ask my sister to buy it for me and my friends.

Hope she sings “Eleven Days” and “Why Don’t You Love Me” since those are her songs from “Here Lies Love”—an album inspired & based from the life of former First Lady of the Philippines Imelda Marcos and her relationship with a previous childhood servant Estrella (;-))


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