December CELEBrants

Here are my fellow DECEMBER CUTIES with their respective birth dates from left to right. . .

First Row born on December 1-3 respectively: Dean O’Gorman, Britney Spears, Brendan Fraser

Second Row born on December 4-10 respectively: Mario Maurer, Nick Stahl, Ryan Carnes, Nicholas Hoult, Ian Somerhalder, Jesse Metcalfe, Patrick Flueger

Third Row born on December 11-17 respectively: Hailee Steinfeld, Jennifer Connelly, Jamie Foxx, Mark Herras, Adam Brody, Benjamin Bratt, Nadech Kugimiya 

Third Row born on December 18-24 respectively: Brad Pitt, Jake Gyllenhaal, David Cook, Jackson Rathbone, Chris Carmack, Harry Judd, Ricky Martin

Fourth Row born on December 25-31 respectively: Alastair Cook, Jared Leto, Aaron Stanford, Denzel Washington, Diego Luna, Jake Cuenca, Mike Tan

 So what do you think of usthem…CUTE or NOT??? Be gentle guys, it’s our month. Happy Birthday to all my fellow December birthday CELEBrants.

Here’s a dedicated Christmas song to all of us Sagittarians & Capricorns out there, written and performed by my favorite artist of all time— Cyndi Lauper  called ” December Child”…cheers!


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