Not Most Wedding Couple!

This picture made my cranky day turned into a fiery delight!

Most wedding couples would already complain or regret if it rains during their wedding or something little “unlucky” thing occur all of a sudden. But not this couple. An hour before they exchange “I Do”, the resort where they are supposed to exchange vows went up in flames!

And since they are not most couple who’d immediately cancel or postpone their marriage in this situation, they continue tying the knots upon knowing that there’s no casualty nor injured victims from the said fire.

So instead of posing for a picturesque beach of the south coast, this not most couple used the flaming resort as their backdrop! Having done that, based on the countless weddings I’ve witnessed in my whole life, I’d say that this is the “coolest” wedding photo ever! I mean, every wedding photos that I’ve seen (and attended) all looks the same except for this one.

One commenter even said: “The first dance should have been to the song “We Didn’t Start The Fire”—a #1 song from Billy Joel circa 1989.

Well, kudos to Mr. Mike & Mrs. Nancy Rogers for this memorable experience and that may their love be as flaming as this one…forever!

Read the whole story here.


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