So today is the much awaited third bout of Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez.

I was invited by a very close Pinay friend to watch this fight in a mall here in Bangkok but due to being “jabbed” from the oenophilia day of yesterday’s 9000th day of existence party of my friend Rexona Gomorrah where we did nothing but to adore red imported wines from Chile, Australia, Africa, France, Italy, New Zealand and California starting from 2:30 pm downup to 1:30 wee morning…I declined to go with them. I even have to skip my church today (forgive me Lord…but will make up to You next time).

Anyway, while I managed to put those overflowing red wine in my stomach, some friends either puked or got “knockout” from the game! But it was really a splendid gathering of the Pinoy Mafia in such a looooong while…thanks to Rex once again for being the host with the mostest {*_^}

(Model in picture: Lewis Cassidy)


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