Promise of a New Day



It’s a great new day filled with exciting surprises!  As this blog just turned two years yesterday, promise that this blogger will do at his very best to give you more. I’m grateful, I’m blessed. Good thoughts and absolute vibes is what I just really feel today, for some reason.

Perhaps due to this party that I’m attending today for a very good friend, Rexona Gomorrah, who is celebrating his 9,000th day of existence in this planet. He promised to have exciting games awaiting for all of us invited guests and that according to his FB invitation description that: “The lucky winners are sure to go home happy & satisfied.” With that and the overflowing red wines & imported cheese that he always specially prepare for us, I immediately responded “Attending” to his invitation even if I have zero knowledge of his guest list as it remained “private” for the host’s eyes only.

To Rexona: wishing you nothing but the absolute happiness and that what you’ve been longing for will be granted real soon. Pixie dusts to you & to us as what Ate Norly says yesterday *_^

Here’s something for you to tuck in your pocket. . .

More. . .

Just in case you are wondering who is he, his name is Lewis Cassidy. Again, I’m sure you’ll ask me if he is half-Caucasian, half-something my answer is “could be” as seen in his features. What I can only tell are his stats—Height: 6’1.5″/Waist: 32″/Hair: Dark Brown/Eyes: Hazel

More of him, much daring & colorful in my next post…promise!


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