11/11/11 = II Years Of My Blog!

This only happens once in a lifetime: today 11/11/11 just now at 11am coincides with the second year anniversary of this blog…and it meant so much to me.

From a humble blogging “reboot” in 2009 {after having 2 prior blogs in 2008} to its successful sojourn in 2010, I can only say that there’s no stopping now for this “all-purpose blog with a hint of me” from giving pleasure to its loyal readers since day one. Each blog entry is nothing but  a mirthful expression to connect with people, something that I really love doing.

In celebration, here’s a whimsical ride back to some of the blog articles that I published after my first year anniversary up to this date. These blog posts in my opinion made this site to what it is right now. Here’s my Top Ten. . .

#10—Halloween Post: 6 Degrees Of Separation From Lilia Cuntapay

In between my concerns about the massive flooding in Thailand and my other pending tons of worries in my personal life that hindered me to blog temporarily in a loooooong while, Lilia Cuntapay is a force of nature that you couldn’t resist while my stomach’s still aching from non-stop laughing as I repeatedly watch over and over and over her “6 Degrees of Separation…” movie trailer. She captured my attention and for that, she deserved an immediate blogging from me.

#9—More Sexy Mario Maurer Pics…

This particular blog post currently ranks the 13th slot in the All Time Top Posts of my Dashboard with 3,136 views. Ironically, it deserves the “Lucky 9” spot of this list. This popular feature also showed fans of Mario Maurer via a Poll conducted who think that he is better with his “Boxer Briefs” (wait till you scroll down to #4 to view slash recall this pic) with 38 votes than him in “Tight Pants” (like the one above) with 27 votes.

#8—The “Reason” Behind The Mario Maurer-Gubgib Break-up…

It’s FUNTIME! Yes, this Funtime blog entry currently ranks #9 in the All Time Top Posts with 5,512 views! Chill everyone, it’s just only meant for F-U-N-T-I-M-E (:-P)

#7—It’s Gettin’ Better…And Better…And Better…

Inspirations, inspirations…they are. This blog entry is indeed my “Lucky 7”. With my Top Referrers coming from different continents, it feels like I’m in “Heaven”. Thanks to Google for all the referrals and of course, to all those who Googled for my blog ^_*

#6—Encounter With A Stupid Muscled Thai Actor

Until now, my eyes are literally rolling clockwise and counter-clockwise with this encounter from a very cockroach brain-sized muscled Thai actor. Next topic please ! ! !

#5—Do You Want Mario Maurer’s “Autumn Destiny” Soap Opera To Be Tagalized?

Since Christmas is nearing, it may be a good time for all the Pinoy & Pinay Mario Maurer fans to petition for this one more time so that your wish for this first ever lakorn of Mario along with famous Korean stars will finally come true! It currently has 10 Likes and a total of 75 votes (63 of which have agreed to: “Soooooo dying to watch it…yes!”)

#4—Mario Maurer in a Sexy Boxer Briefs!

Dominating still this chart is Mario Maurer in his first-ever baring a bit of flesh aura! That particular photo that you are drooling viewing is the Most Clicked item in my Dashboard with a total of sexsix hundred and sixteen views.


Fresh from my Myanmar trip on April 17, the sad news about the sudden passing of young actor AJ Perez shocked the world. That news not only created a huge stir in the industry, it also made my blog #2 at TopBlogs.Com.Ph. His name and his movie, “Cinco” were the two hottest items in my Search Engine Terms that time. RIP AJ…

#2—Jonathan Lipnicki

Just 19 days right after I celebrated my very 1st Year Blog Anniversary, I didn’t realize that my post about this “Jerry Maguire” nerdy boy star will top my All Time Top Posts with 18,367 views to this writing!

Not only that, the article is currently holding the record in my Dashboard with the Busiest Day ever tallying a staggering 5,451 views last October 25, 2011…alone! He also became the most Searched Engine Term that same day with 3,171 feeds alone for his name “Jonathan Lipnicki”! Here are the screencaps. . .

With that, I’m Not Most People! blog reached the #1 slot at TopBlogs.Co.Ph for 7 consecutive days!

Last but certainly not the least, comes the “best” of the best of ’em all. . .

#1—Beauty & The Best

Probably my most “organized” and well-thought blog post ever, this was so special to me as one reader, proudlypinoy, reminded me that I have a third-eye when I eventually predicted the winning of Shamcey Supsup………1 year in advance.  Read the said feature HERE and you be the best judge (:-)

* * *

Thank you once again to all of you my dear readers, friends and fellow bloggers for making this blog this far. As another year will come, I hope you will join me still in my blogosphere: funny or sad, interesting or boring, delightful or obnoxious…I hope I can still count on you. My very best with warm hugs & kisses. . .


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