Alex Pettyfer Plays a Stripper Based on Channing Tatum’s Life

Inspired by Channing Tatum‘s earlier job as a male stripper for nearly a year when he was only 18 years old to make ends meet and before he made it to the Tinseltown, the movie entitled “Magic Mike” (ironic title huh?)  stars Channing himself (the other irony) into the titular title as a veteran dancer mentoring Alex Pettyfer who obviously plays a newbie stripper, The Kid. Channing also produces the said movie.

Other stars who will strip in the movie include Matthew McConaughey as Dallas, an ex-stripper & owner of the stripper club Xquisite where Magic Mike and The Kid perform, Matt Bomer and True Blood‘s Joe Manganiello who is confeeermed doing the full frontal nudity as Big Dick Ritchie!  Academy award-winner Steven Soderbergh directs.

The above pic and those in the gallery below are taken from the actual set last September 20 in Los Angeles.

Out in 2012, the movie may not seem to attract the straight men crowd unless they’ll be dragged down by their girlfriends & wives to watch it together or better yet, strip off their egos voluntarily and learn some moral on the story. No pun intended but I’m definitely looking forward to take a peep on it.


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