Beauty & The Best

Twelve days have gone by, I have moved on and yet my garrulous hands can’t help but to itch it all out ’bout the results of the recently concluded Miss Universe 2011 in Sao Paulo, Brazil last September 12.

As we all know, Miss Philippines Shamcey Supsup placed as 3rd Runner Up even though in the eyes of “most people” (this time, including myself) we believe that Shamcey should’ve placed higher or should’ve even nabbed the crown that night.

When I was younger, way, way, way young as a kiddo, never I missed watching this pageant. The last time I watched it in full was in 1999 when Miriam Quiambao placed 1st Runner Up (the first & only Filipina to have placed on that feat to this date) and at that time, I was working as a copywriter in a medium-sized yet award-winning ad agency in Pasig so I have to go down and view it at the Media Room where there’s a TV set meant for them to monitor our ad placements.  After that, I didn’t have a chance to watched it live or/and in full anymore because I left Philippines for Myanmar to work as one of those “Bagong Bayani” (Modern Time Hero). Then when I moved to Bangkok in 2006, I didn’t pay much attention to it either personally perhaps because of that long gap of not exposing (and devoting) myself to it anymore.

‘Twas only until last year that I was able to catch it live (albeit briefly) when I was in Ho Cho Minh City as we have an on-going event that time. So all prepared and ready to work, I turned on my TV set in the hotel where I was staying and decided to stay a bit until they announce at least the Top 15 contestants. And it was worth it! I cried when they announced “Philippines” as the last contestant to round up in the Top 15.

But this year, I decided to watch it in full for the same reason when I watched it in Vietnam last year that there’s something at the back of my head telling me that we will place again this year…in which we eventually did again.

But was it worth watching it live and in full this year? Below are some facts or/and opinions that may help you understand my “position” in this winning of Shamcey Supsup from the Philippines…


My first impression when I saw Shamcey’s pic upon Googling her, honestly, I thought…hmmm. That was my initial reaction. But when she went to Brazil and gazing at those pics of her and sometimes with together with her fellow candidates, my view had changed…significantly! There, I saw Shamcey shining like a Latina beauty, standing side-by-side with these other gorgeous women. Without her sash and at a first glance, you wouldn’t know that she’s actually from Philippines or from Asia.  ‘Twas only from then on I realized that indeed she’s the right choice to represent our country this year since the event will take place in Brazil, a part of the Latin continent, where she could be actually mistaken for as a Latina native. Not to mention her killer smile too.

Poise & Stature

She has it too…or at least due to the intensive & rigid training that she underwent with her predecessor Venus Raj.  Standing only at 5’8″, Shamcey did look well in most of her public appearances. Poise-wise, she did it calmly and as confident as she could, pre-pageant and on stage. Her presence especially during the actual competition was mesmerizing. No argument here.


As opposed to those who say that one criterion to “win” in this pageant is all about the age of a candidate, they “say”, the younger—the better. Well so sorry to “say”, but I believe it’s a total crap (please excuse my French for the lack of better words)! Shamcey is 25 years old and look at Miss Angola who took the crown—she’s 25 too!


Here we come now to the most crucial part of it all, the intelligence of a candidate. To those who doesn’t know yet, Shamcey graduated Salutatorian in high school at a public school in Makati, Magna Cum Laude in college at the University of the Philippines and she topped the Architecture Licensure Examination in July 2010.

In the actual Q&A portion of the pageant (one of the final basis in choosing the winner), Shamcey was asked by actress Vivica A. Fox:  “Would you change your religious beliefs to marry the person you love? Why or why not?”

Without any Translator (and the only candidate on the Top 5 without one), Miss Philippines directly answered in English: “If I would have to change my religious beliefs, I would not marry the person I love. Because the first person I love is God, who created me. I have my faith and my principles, and this is what makes me who I am. If the person loves me, he’ll love my God too.”

Now, that was a tricky & very sensitive question but Shamcey answered it directly…from her heart. To me, there was no better or greater answer that she should have answered instead other than that. That response from Shamcey was so empowering: both as a woman of her own right and as a faithful child of God. In my opinion, any woman, regardless of her religion and status in life, would prefer her “dream man” to give her anything that she wants just for the sake of love.

Just for curiosity, I asked my non-Christian Thai lady colleague the same question and she replied with the same answer that whoever she is going to marry, that person should love & accept her religion too.

Say What?

For two consecutive years in a row (2010-11), Philippines had sent two very strong & competitive contenders. While one may lack with what the other doesn’t have and vice-versa, it’s about time that Philippines should be placed back in the world map.

My message to Shamcey: God has a purpose why you placed 3rd Runner Up, and whatever that is, only Him alone knows it but it’s definitely for your own good. Like what I mentioned as a Wall Post in my FB before, you may not secure the crown of Miss Universe but you’ve just sealed your faith in God and that’s an assurance that you’ll never deny Him no matter what happens nor how painful it will gonna be even if you have to sacrifice your own love just to keep your faith in God. And because of that, you made God prouder, He will surely bless you in His very powerful & mysterious ways. Thank you for doing a job-well-done.

My message to all Filipino fans & supporters: All this time, all our joint efforts & support paid off. Keep the spirit rolling. We did it…and we will again!

Also, I would like to take this opportunity to thank one reader of mine, proudlypinoy, who commented and reminded me that I have a “third eye”…thank you so much to you. In my previous blog post dated August 28, 2010 about Venus Raj and Miriam Quiambao, I did write about our next contender must have a surname that starts with letter “S” in order to place in the final round—so not only Supsup starts with an “S” but also her first name, Shamcey.

You may read the whole article HERE with the screencaps below. . .

proudlypinoy’s comment…


Overall, to me, Shamcey will always gonna be the real Beauty & The Best among the 89 candidates who vied for the crown of Miss Universe 2011…hands down!

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