Hear, hear

The hiatus phase was over but the hibernation did good to me rekindling that spark in my soul that I once thought I’d never gonna see again.

‘Twas during this period that I spared time meeting up new people too:  some are pretty good & worthy while others are simply atrocious & better best forgotten. The latter, stirred a puzzle in my head and somewhat had  helped me vindicate later on a fact in life that some people in this world were just born to be “opportunists”—they came, they get what they want and then they ran away without even saying the most basic and cost-free way of appreciation to you: “Thanks.” I mean, what will you lose saying those 5-letter word in a matter of millisecond?

The other soap operatic issue was meeting up a few old friends. ‘Twas good but not as good way back when we were doing things together as “friends” ages ago. I guess seasons change, so does our feelings. Or maybe because the depth of our friendship’s not that intimate really in the very beginning. I dunno. But I’m glad to be reconnected with them and in this instance, it further verified the ol’ saying that the world is indeed very small.

Hands down, I laid it all out: disappointments, insecuriousness (insecurity & curiousness), frustrations, happiness, victory, redemption—all these feelings they are nothing but fragments of my inquisitive mind.

So all gathered and composed, I stood up from the slipping rain and decided to journey the roads not taken. But then again, just when you think that everything’s already “OK”, fate has its own way of playing twists & turns in life.

September 8, I was in Shangri-la Hotel for a Teambuilding Event held along some of Chao Praya River’s famous landmarks. During lunch, I went to grab a quickie Fish Noodle treat with my colleague and we sat down on Table 8, unintentionally. So I told my colleague, that’s “8” and today’s 8 so she said that we must be “lucky” then.

I’m a big fan of the number 8. In Chinese, it signifies infinity. Most of my “thingy” are with the numeral “8”. Until the afternoon of that same day, I received 2 separate text messages from my 2 sisters in the Philippines—my father was taken to a hospital. He suffered from his 3rd heart attack. The exact words were “50/50” and upon reading that term, my tears fell down regardless of the people looking at me in the lobby of Shangri-la.

So I called my sister and have learned from her that when they were carrying him to the ambulance, he was vomiting blood. She also mentioned that our father literally flatlined: no pulse, no heartbeat. Excruciating and unbearable, that day my world fell apart. The irony is, since I’m on-site with my job, I have no one but my lady boss’s shoulder to burst into tears at in which she generously lent to me for the moment.

So ask me if I’m still keen with the number “8”? I dunno. That particular facet of my life have brought me back to surrender it all to no one but GOD.

Family, relatives, friends, acquaintances, strangers—they all sent their thoughts & prayers for my father not to mention to a few of them for their financial support. Once again, I’m so grateful to GOD for sending His angels to us to comfort & be with us during those crucial moments. And I owe these brilliant, kind-hearted and generous fellow children of God my deepest gratitude—so thank you all so much once again from the bottom of my heart.

Funny thing though is some of your “friends” that you expect to be there first to console you disappointed me, just a bit. One classic example was a close and long time pal of mine who sent me a private message asking me a favor to post in my wall a photo of their company’s product for my FB friends to LIKE and so that she may win this contest & get her prize later on. To this writing, not a single word to sympathize nor express her moral support was heard.

So I’ve got nothing but to understand them and just close my eyes & pray for these friends of mine: some of them maybe they were just busy or perhaps they weren’t able to read my FB wall status or that they didn’t have time to check their account at all; some maybe were just calloused; some perhaps were just “lazy” to write a short note; and some, and this is proven, were definitely only your “friends” in bottles & happiness but not in times of battles & hardships.

Prayers worked all the time. In fact, I am delighted to announce that with God’s mysterious ways, He brought us back our father so that we could still be together and cherish all God’s blessings that will come our way.

As of this writing, my father’s in the normal ward now and recuperating. He may be out of the hospital if not tonight, tomorrow. The best part is when I asked my elder brother yesterday to check the hospital bills, he admitted that he hasn’t yet for the fear that he may be the one now to get the heart attack upon knowing the bill—that was just a joke from him, of course.


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