On Hiatus…

…but only in my Facebook and Twitter accounts. I’m still very much in my blogging mode so no worries my beloved readers, I will not put my blog on hiatus—yet.

My friends are all wondering why by now and I did not respond to any of it. I guess confession time is best unveiled here. I’ve always considered myself as a phoenix, hibernating from time-to-time. Reinvention is the other reason. At this moment, I just NEED to be less communicado, less web addictactive and be more louder with my soul, more  self-analytical…it’s not that I’m going through some rough patches, in fact, I have a substantial amount of “goodies” in my life right now—it’s more like I’m on a “Let’s keep in touch” mode with my social aspect until I am ready and able to be back on my “I’m Not Most People!” attitude.

And if I may add, I ‘d love to borrow the title from the above second pic: “I let sanity give me the slip.” Or better yet, let’s see how things will flow after I receive my pay slip tonight ;P

From the time being, let me be the phoenix that I always used to be. Once I’m done, I hope to see a newer “Me” but still keeping the essence of my being not most people.

One thought on “On Hiatus…

  1. well, well, well, rest assured that when you emerge from your epochs of hibernations, your die-hard, loyal fans are still here to look up at you 🙂 take your time sexi!

    Zenaida Ajmadul

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