Howard Wang Busted!

Not with a girl but with marijuana! And just like what’s captioned in the above pic, Howard Wang‘s career is kinda “rocky” at the moment or should I say “stoned” ??? No pun intended though ;-P

Talking about “busted”, it’s kind of a good time for me to” bust out” these photos of Howard from his last magazine shoot along with Nicky Sura Teerakol and Nattapong “Nat” Dechapanya.

Just in case you’re wondering in the below gallery if who’s that woman with the big “bust”, well, that’s HiSo/Sosi/Socialite Pusanisa Pongsapokin who once wants willing to pay a staggering 6-digit figure to “date” actor/model superstar Aum Atichart.

So remember the key word of the day: B-U-S-T.

Full story about Howard’s case courtesy of fellow blogger, Dirtii Laundry.

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