Mario Maurer In His Wet Undies!

UPDATE: Aside from the high res. pics uploaded a few hours ago, check out the behind-the-scene interview of Mario.

As always, first blogged here! Taken from the latest issue of Attitude Magazine, didn’t I mention in my previous post that Mario Maurer is gradually “taking off” his clothes for pictorials—in the right time & right pay!

Current rumor according to The Buzz yesterday was that Star Cinema is planning to team him up with Kim Chiu who was spotted last Saturday (Aug. 6) at a bazaar outside Centralworld in Bangkok! Yup, here’s the photo courtesy of my good friend Genesis Vadal

More of Mario in the gallery below and if I were you, I’ll grab a copy of it…now na!


6 thoughts on “Mario Maurer In His Wet Undies!

  1. Nice nice!! Thanks for this carleeee 🙂 yay! Made my monday 😉 ngwork ung prayers ko n pmunta sya dito sa pinas :b

  2. C, hello! Ang sarap ni naman ni Papa Mario-oh-oh! Ang swerte nung mga nasa prod. Baka may eksena pa diyan na pinababa pa ng konti yung Amat gray undies. Kainggit!

    Thank you, as always! 🙂

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