CSR: The Love Yourself Project

CSR usually stands for “Corporate Social Responsibility” but in this post, I’d rather personalize it calling it “Carlo’s Social Responsibility”. For years, I have blogged about celebs, models, sexy stuff, interesting stories, personal & work/responsibility issues and the like but never about advocacy.

So I’m taking this chance (and space) to introduce to my loyal & new readers to support The Love Yourself Project which aims to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS among the youth and the Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) sector in the Philippines, primarily through education and counseling. It is the first project by the VINN Advocacy group.

WE can make a big difference by supporting this important group through their current two projects:

1) The Love Yourself Charity Photoshoot

When: August 14, 2011

For your kind donation of only Php 1,000,  get a chance to be photographed by one of the most talented photographers in the Philippines, fellow TLYP advocate Ian Felix Alquiros. The amount entitles you to (1) one Love Yourself t-shirt; (2) grooming services for the shoot; and (3) one digital photo layout, in the style of “Love Yourself.” You can start registering here.

2) Benefit Screening of “Ang Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa” and “Zombadings”

When: August 23, 2011

If I were only in Manila, I’ll be the first one to book for tickets of these two fantastic movies! I’ve seen the trailers of both flicks and the more I watched it, the more I made myself crazy to go back to Philippines for a vackay! But you guys are there and fortunate enough to see this back-to-back films for only Php 500. Not only you will enjoy these movies but you know for yourself that you helped TLYP for a special cause.

And since I’m stuck here in the Land of Smiles, the only closest pic with the similar pose (sans the TLYP T-shirt & background) that I can show to you is this one which was taken last July 28 during my recently concluded event in Phuket. I’ve posted this in my FB account with the caption: “Crispin…Basilio…asan na kayo???”

With that, now I know why I can’t find both “Crispin” and “Basilio” because they are either registering for the TLYP Charity Photoshoot or reserving tickets for the TLYP Benefit Screening 😉

Special thanks to fellow blogger Migs for reminding me of this special cause 0:-)

7 thoughts on “CSR: The Love Yourself Project

  1. Agree with Migs and Renee! The last photo is crazy & hilarious…provocative & sexy too! Good luck sa advocacy na ito at marami kayong matutulungan na PLUs.

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