Fit Mode

Fitness Quote of the Day: “I don’t eat when I’m not hungry.”—Peps (best friend since high school)

Those are the immortalized words from my bes Peps when I met him up last Dec 2010 for my haircut at Bench Fix Salon Greenhills where he is the Senior Stylist. Peps didn’t change a bit, body-wise: slim, petite. So I asked him his secret and the quote above was his immediate response to my query.

“Oo nga naman,” I replied. So in short, do not eat nor overeat unnecessarily, that’s the trick! Some of us, including myself, would feast on snacks even though we’re not that hungry. Some indulge on sweet treats. Others thought of relying on sodas & colas. The result, obesity.

Today, I just finished scrubbing my restroom’s wall & floor. This is my Pilates & Hot Yoga version of doing it with my iPod on its highest decibel listening to my synched fave songs from Cyndi Lauper and Madonna.

Additionally, I went back to my pescetarian diet 6 times a week with a 1 day “diet lift mode” of eating chicken. I avoid eating red meat especially beef as I have problem with my metabolism.

On the emotional side of it, one may ask, : “Why do I have to do this?” while the worst sentimental question a person undergoing a diet slash fit program would say, “For whom all these sufferings are for?” My opinion: For my health and myself, if not for others or that special someone of ours.

So to keep us motivated (or envied depends on how you take it), more inspirational pics in the gallery below. . .


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