Do You Want Mario Maurer’s “Autumn Destiny” Soap Opera To Be Tagalized?

After that massive positive reception of Mario Maurer‘s Crazy Little Thing Called Love (also known as “First Love” especially in Thailand) which was aired in ABS-CBN last June 5 and dubbed in Tagalog, many rumors are circulating around the web that Mario‘s first ever Thai soap opera, “Autumn Destiny” will be also Tagalized and aired soon.

The impact was so monstrous that it even my blog was not spared from people reading  my posts about Mario Maurer. As a proof, here are some screengrabs from my Dashboard under the  Top Posts within the Last 7 Days. . .

Then here are the results from the All Time Top Posts. . .

Not only they read, people search and key in for terms “Mario Maurer” or anything related to him. Below are the screengrabs for the Search Engine Terms within the Last 7 Days followed by the All Time. . .

So now, my question to Mario‘s Pinoy fans out there, do you want to go back home early after your school or work, finish your home chores (in the case of those beloved housewives) and  watch Autumn Destiny where Mario shared the screen with some of the hottest Korean superstars such as. . .

Eli from the K-pop boyband, U KISS

Kim Ki Bum of U KISS

Ryan Paran

Lee Hae Woo from the hit Korean series, "Boys Before Flowers" starring Lee Min Ho

So Mario Maurer fans out there, voice out in our Poll below and / or Comment. Here’s one more pic of Mario for you to relish while thinking of your answer, in Tagalog, pampagana (“,) . . .

Poll will be closed by: 15th July 2011 08:00 pm (Bangkok Time)


6 thoughts on “Do You Want Mario Maurer’s “Autumn Destiny” Soap Opera To Be Tagalized?

  1. We, Filipinos, would surely appreciate and excitedly waiting to portray the soap opera on our small-screened televisions!

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