Looking For An Angel

This song is probably one of the catchiest, radio-friendly tracks on Kylie Minogue‘s “Aphrodite” album. I just felt that this song is so inspiring that you can’t help but listen to it repeatedly in your iPod during your very low, darkest moments…just like what I’m experiencing these couple of days. So instead of sourgraping, I’d put on my iPod, turn the volume to its loudest decibel & listen to this tune and dance to the beat of it!

I just wish that a beautiful song like “Looking For An Angel” deserves to be released as the album’s fifth official single.

And if not, better listen & watch it LIVE on July 25 as Kylie performs this song at the Impact Arena with an angel flying her to the sky! So go grab your tickets now while it’s still there as Thailand will be the first Asian destination of her “Aphrodite Tour 2011”.


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