Today, Philippines is celebrating its 113th day of independence from the Spanish rule. I couldn’t help but thought of that celebratory word: FREEDOM.

As I dig deeper, I look back at my past. I’ve recalled incidents and events that have occurred. Some were pretty good, some were ugly bad and some were just plain fine. But then, my mind queried, “Am I really free?”

“Free from what???” my soul added.

“EVERYTHING!” my heart quoted.

Thus, both my mind & soul agreed with my heart. “It’s time to declare the sovereignty from any hindrances thwarting yourself to do what you really intended to do in life a very long time ago,” my heart officially enacted as my mind & soul carefully observe. 

“From now on, spare yourself from regrets as this bring nothing but pain so therefore free yourself from it as this is the main cause of cancer to both mind & soul; forgive but don’t forget—this will serve as your main reminder & weapon in battling future challenges in life,” my heart mightily suggested.

“The slaving terms of the past: ‘If only…’, ‘What if…’, ‘I should have…’ are no longer necessary.What matters now is your freedom to act what your mind says, what your soul desires and what I, the heart, reminds. In no time, your body will act independently guiltless to chase those dreams—even the ones that are impossible will become attainable because you chose to be free,” ends my heart with a smile.


One thought on “Freedom

  1. Well said! This is probably the well-written post you have so far. I can relate to it and that’s why it provoked me from my silence to write a comment about it. More like this please. Keep up the good work!

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