Witwisit & The August Band’s Fame in China

Yup, August Band has a strong fan base in China. The photos above (and below later) are from their latest concert gig there. Speaking of them, tomorrow, July 26 is the first opening day of their new movie, Peuan-Mai-Kao so I just wonder it will at least have a fair share in the box-office as they are colliding with two Hollywood hit sequels: The Hangover II (which was shot here in Bangkok) and Kung-Fu Panda.

Not only that, they are also battling for supremacy with another local movie called, Do-Nut. . .

And what an ironic title it is as the movie is about “a boy who likes a tomboy who likes a girl” love triangle. I wonder what does a donut metaphorically stand here for? Hmmm…you may watch the trailer here.

More August Band and one medium shot pic of Witwisit in the gallery below.

3 thoughts on “Witwisit & The August Band’s Fame in China

  1. Gostaria mto que eles viessem aki no Brasil !!
    seria a minha felicidade !!!

    amo TheAugstBand e o Pchy!



    I love august and Pchy

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