The Royal Bloggers’ Get-Together: Man.ofd.Rose Meets Kawadjan & Norman

January 16, 2011

‘Twas just “the usual” Sunday routine for me: wash my laundry, attending our church service, lunch with Pinoy friends and then the remaining time will be spent with my other friends, the Thai ones. On that day, I made an appointment with Tatum and Aui at Centralworld to watch this movie, “Gulliver’s Travels”. We went for a dinner first at Centralworld’s food court. After gazing around and settling for a light meal, on the way back to our table, I coincidentally bumped at the Bayot Queen from Surigao, fellow Pinoy blogger based in Bang-COCK (as how he refers it): Girard or better known as Kawadjan...

We beso-beso at each other and then he introduced me to his friends after I placed my tray of food on the nearby table. I was a bit surprised to see Kawadjan in person as I didn’t realize that he’ll be that tall, around 5’10” to 5’11” Cara Subijano-ish taller than I do. I’m 5’9″ Charlene Gonzale-ish tall by the way.

Then I told Kawadjan that I will talk to him more later on and that I will introduce him to my friends too after I finish my dinner so I went back to my table, told Tatum & Aui about my surprised encounter with Kawadjan then I ate my dinner.

After meal, I headed back to where Kawadjan and his entourage were at and then introduced Tatum & Aui to them. Then I pulled out my mobile phone & requested Aui to take a shot of me & Kawadjan together. The one that appears above was the 1st and in my opinion, the best shot to publish here.

Before parting ways, I gave Kawadjan my calling card, bid goodbye with another round of beso-beso with him & his friends.

Two days later,  I received an email from him. The rest is history: we became Facebook friends and started calling each other.

* * *

April 20, 2011

I received an email from another fellow Pinoy blogger but this time, he’s based in Manila: Norman. He wanted to meet up with me either on April 20 or 21 but I told him that I may have an event at that time so I’ll reconfirm with him again. We are actually supposed to meet in Manila last December 2010 but due to my tight schedule, I wasn’t able to.

So I finally spared some time for Norman on the night of April 20. I took him for an authentic Thai seafood restaurant somewhere in Ratchatewi that is very famous among the locals (and farangs too) due to its delish dishes and yet, affordable prices.You will see in the below pic how jam-packed the place is…every night!

We had so much fun while having our meal together discussing very personal topics & subjects. I had a great time and am looking forward to seeing him again in the Land of Smiles as Norman is usually a frequent jetsetter to Bangkok as if Bangkok is just “like a Quiapo away” for him 🙂 Here are pics. . .


3 thoughts on “The Royal Bloggers’ Get-Together: Man.ofd.Rose Meets Kawadjan & Norman

  1. Madam! Isang matagal nang ala-ala na ang kaganapang ito… pero isa syang masayang ala-ala. Di pa ulit tayo nagkikita, masyado ka kaseng busy. Sana sa nalalapit na panahon ay may oras tayong magkita ulit. Gumagalang, K.

  2. Cee! You delivered as promised. Thanks for posting this. I really had a fab dinner with you despite my reservations on the raw shrimps and oysters we feasted on. Hindi naman Quiapo ang Bangkok for me. More like Tagaytay! LOL! I hope to see you again on my next visit.

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