Witwisit Hiranyawongkul & August Band’s New Movie

Peuan-Mai-Kao or Old Friends Are Not is the latest movie offering from Witwisit “Pitch” Hiranyawongkul and his band, August in a long while. The story deals about old friends, destiny and testing friendship as time goes by.

And speaking of “as time goes by”, Witwisit didn’t age a bit that not even a moustache would make him look matured or a grown up man at all just like the pics above, agree?

Here are some more screencaps of the moovie which will hit the local theaters of Thailand this May 26. . .

Watch the trailer and even listen to the OST of the movie in their official site. Just click on those 2 green boxes with Thai texts (the first one’s the movie trailer). Hope I was able to satisfy one of our readers and obviously, a Pichy fan, when he wrote these comments last time. . .

By the way, the movie will clash with an international movie which was actually shot in Bangkok…The Hangover II ! As promised last time, here’s the trailer.

More Pitchy and August Band update & pics soon. . .


20 thoughts on “Witwisit Hiranyawongkul & August Band’s New Movie

  1. Pchy is not gay I think. He is just being associated to his gay role in Love of Siam. He acted there very effectively that’s why peop[le thought that he is gay, but as far as I am concerned, he is not gay. I follow all his works that are posted anywhere in the net. While iot is true that he and Mario have perfect chemistry I still believe that they are just good friends. I like Pchy so much because he is very talented. I hope that he will be brought to the Philippines by any local local producer. I so want to meet him in person.

  2. Are you guys kidding me? Pchy is so gay. The guy is flaming! You have to be blind and deaf not to realize it. This remind me of Stephen Gately from Boyzone. Everybody was in shock when he came out but even if he ddn’t, it was just waaaay too obvious.

  3. if you have watched one of his movie ‘Home’ (2012) you can see that he’s a bit have a gay feeling. it’s pretty obvious. and i won’t be shocked if he really was. it’s seen on how he talked and his body language

  4. we cant really avoid people who easily judge others… instead of arguing about one’s identity, why don’t we just respect who they are… besides, they amuses us in such ways…

  5. It is true that there’s no way to keep hidden your sexuality, especially if you are gay. Sometimes it might be very obvious what is you sexuality. Which does not provide you the right to sniff into Pchy’s personal life and who he does date. Also he keeps his personal life well hidden from the public (it is his PRIVATE life after all) and I very much admire him for that. So please, stop asking if he is gay or not and who he is dating now.

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