Cee The Lazy Me

Ola my beautiful avid readers! Your blogger for all seasons (and wrong reasons ;-P ) is back. I must (and hate) to admit the fact that after my Myanmar trip, I reported to my office that very Monday of April 18 & from there on, I’ve been focused with our new event which was held last April 22 at Dusit Thani Bangkok…then I’ve been lazy from then on so pardonnez moi monsieurs & mademoiselles!

Talking about Cee-ing the lazy side of me, Bruno Mars‘s latest single, The Lazy Song is so infectious, lyrically & sound-wise. When I first heard all the tracks from his debut album, this song was the catchiest (for me) as its tune has this reggae-Jawaiian beat. So I thought that the song would be released as a single and it did and is currently ranked #6 at the Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.

Adding goofiness to the song was its funny, quirky video. Screencaps from the video are shown above and below, are some more with Bruno & His Monkeys getting naughtier by stripping down their pants & dancing only with their boxer shorts!

Watch the whole wackiness of the said video at Bruno’s official YouTube channel.

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