goodbye A(n)J(el) PEREZ

Even at his death, AJ Perez still serves as angel to a few like me.

‘Twas April 17 and fresh from my Myanmar trip where I was deprived from the “cyber world”, I immediately opened up my internet soon as I arrived home in the evening. The first thing I have to check of course is my blog. To my surprise, I was in shocked when I saw from my Blog Stats that my view on that day alone went as high as 3,600+ hits! And also for the first time, my blog ranked as high as #2 in the Top Blogs

Then I checked the Top Posts and once again I was marveled to see that my Cinco post was on top. Same is true for the term “AJ Perez” which became the most searched term on that day. Clueless as in Alicia Silverstone, I googled AJ Perez and voila…my jaw dropped in an instant when my eyes read: AJ Perez Dead!

To this date, my entry about “Cinco” is ranked #3 overall in the Top Posts while “AJ Perez” soared high in the Search Terms breaking records of previous “hot items” in my blog such as Mario Maurer, Jonathan Lipnicki, Equus and Marco Manalac. . .

But this post wasn’t about my blog’s “victory” — it’s a big salute to AJ Perez: his life, accomplishments and kindness. So wherever you are right now, a big cheers to you! You may have gone too soon but you will always be remembered as that sweet & talented young actor who captured everyone’s heart. May your soul rest in peace now and let the light guide you in God’s hands.

I would also like to take this opportunity to express my deepest condolences to AJ’s family and loved onesmy heart & prayers go to them.

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