Encounter With A Stupid Muscled Thai Actor

Weekend and it’s JJ Day once again but I haven’t been into that place for a very long time too so I decided to stroll slash window-shop slash eat slash buy a few things at JJ with my Thai friend, Chakky.

‘Twas already dark when we left JJ and we thought of visiting Silom in which we did. After a few walks, we felt our stomachs needed to be replenished so we walk on that street beside where Wow California Fitness is situated and found this Chicken Rice stall on the sidewalk. But mind you, lots of farangs and Thais eat here and its neighbored food shops.

The place was packed but we couldn’t afford to walk further for the fear that we may already “eat someone” due to our starvation so we finally settled there. On the way, we saw this muscled Thai actor slash model eating noodles and I swear, that was the first time I saw a celeb in Thailand eating on the sidewalk, ching-ching!!!

So we walked passed by him and went straight to the food stall and ordered our food. The vendor perhaps felt bad that we have to wait & stand up for a long time so what he did was insert or “sandwiched” us in a nearby table where these 2 ladies and the muscled celeb & his GAY FRIEND sat. I was led by the vendor slash owner to sit down beside this muscled Thai celeb while Chakky sat with his  GAY friend—yes, believe us as our GAYDAR’s super strong when it comes to such!!!

While the vendor took time preparing our food, Chakky brought out his box of facial tissue so we can remove the dirt & excessive oil  from our faces, chat a bit in English (of course!).

As usual, both the muscled Thai celeb and his gay friend were also chatting and with my very nik-noy knowledge in Thai language, I really have no idea of what they are talking about and even if I’m adept with Thai language, I will not dare eavesdrop on them as I do not want them to do it to me too. Then came our food: slurp, grind, swallow.

A few minutes later, the celeb & his chiwariwapfriend departed the place as the former received a phone call from someone. Soon as they left, I noticed Chakky’s hands were shaking.

He told me the whole story of what this muscled celeb & his gay friend bad mouthed about us. Chakky said that he heard straight from the mouth of the actor saying: “Oh they’re just Thais who pretend to speak in English.” In English translation, this maybe nothing but when it was said in actual Thai words & been heard by an actual Thai from a fellow Thai—it is totally offensive.

Chakky was shaking in angst. He told me what he almost wanted to throw the chicken soup in front to this muscled celeb but because of his patience and will to control, he just ignored and waited ’til they left and burst out on me.

Methinks: “What was this STUPID muscled Thai actor slash model thinking? Was he desperately in need of attention that may be he wants us to gush at him & blush on top of our hair roots & praised him as he is famous? Can’t he even distinguish my accent from the usual Thais?”

Well Mr. Stupid Muscled Thai Celeb, let me tell you something—my friend & I were not that type of people! Firstly, common decency have taught us not to disturb any human being while eating, whether you are a celeb, politician or whatever your status in life is.

Secondly, so what if a Thai individual wants to speak in English in public? At least my friend who had already traveled  around the world could speak to me in English. Chakky said: “A wrong answer is better than no answer.” What he meant was, at least he has the balls to speak & exercise his English skills whether it’s broken or not than not trying at all!!!

Thirdly, this stupid celeb must learn how to shut his mouth or at least be tactful. Didn’t he realize that WE were surrounded by other people, other Thai people to be specific? What would these people think about him talking like that?

Honestly, to me, this is is NOTHING but since the Thai words that he used were “very sensitive” to Thai people like my Thai friend Chakky who got offended by it, then it’s my duty to blog to the world about his lame IDIOCY.

For the benefit of my Thai readers and fellow Thai bloggers, here’s the actual FB wall post that my friend Chakky posted last night. You may be the better judge. . .


Who is this idiotic muscled Thai celeb who is not popular now??? Clue: He used to be the boyfriend slash boy toy of a matron Thai actress.

4 thoughts on “Encounter With A Stupid Muscled Thai Actor

  1. Cee, i don’t usually see you bloggiing about blind items like this and i enjoyed reading it because I must have been in a similar situation before when my Thai-Pinoy friend brought me to the cocktails of a fashion show during Bangkok Fashion Week two years ago.

    Anywyas, i will definitely be there next month (3rd week) so just email me if you’re free for lunch or dinner on the 20th or 21st. 😉

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