I Will Be Loved…Be Loved…Be Loved

Dear Beloved INMP Readers & Friends,

You might be all wondering as to why I haven’t been blogging recently so better I speak out the truth to you now before you hear it second-hand from someone or somewhere ;-P

I went out with my Thai friend last Friday. It’s been a very long time since we haven’t clubbed, ages ago if you may say. So I brought a bottle of Australian red wine (Cabernet Sauvignon) and a bottle of Remy Martin Cognac and my friend agreed to pay for the corkage fee at the club.

I must admit that I went out to have some fun and not to look for love but fate has a mysterious way of twisting events around. On the way home, there’s this gentle soul standing & BB-ing. I greeted, been reciprocated, exchanged names, smiles & of course, mobile numbers. And since my Thai friend desperately wants to go back home, I bid goodbye.

At exactly 4:30 am of Mar. 19, soon as I arrived home, the gentle soul called me up…unexpectedly. Then the rest is history. To this writing, we’ve been exchanging sweet messages & even MMS. I couldn’t believe that now I’m one of those most people or sweet couples that we (we means I & my other single, bitchy friends) hated.

In a split second, everything changed: my view, my way, my thinking. I thought to myself: “Is this really happening? Is this love or just an infatuation?” That, I have to yet find out. We’ll have our first date this coming Wednesday and I feel excited yet nervous. It feels like the first time I dated and that was time immemorial, geez.

And I noticed, every time something very important happens in my life, a new “theme song” comes along. Cite for example is the new song from Nicole Scherzinger‘s debut album, Killer Lovereleased this March 21 in UK titled, “You Will Be Loved”. The song is addicting and enchanting. It became my “instant mantra” or affirmation to remind me that I Will Be Loved, Be Loved, Be Loved…and so I am loved, again. Now you know, I hope you will forgive me for talking about a bit of my other side. Thank you and cheerio to all! ! !


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