Loma Klah Tah Fun: Natcha Jantapan & James McFadden in Swimming Attire!

Didn’t I mention this the last time? And now I know the puzzle behind the recent photo shoots and appearances of Natcha “Mouse” Jantapan are all cross-promotional publicity for their new soap opera, “Loma Klah Tah Fun”, a drama, romance & sports-oriented teenage lakorn which also stars model & hair stylist, Tony Rakkaen (leftmost), model-host-singer Suriyon “Diew”Aroonwattanakul (second from left), Chinese-Malaysian yet Thai speaking Khoo “Wave” Pei-Cong (second from right) and another B.O.Y. Band member, James “Kitkasem” McFadden (third from right).

The soap opera was aired since last 5th March and can be watched every Saturday-Sunday from 8:40 – 9:30 pm at Modern 9. Here are some of the screencaps. . .

And to those of you who missed the first 4 episodes, you may start watching it here. Enjoy!


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