“Something” Is Protruding With Tob Chaiwat Thongsang!

Spot the difference! This is “Bangkok Love Story” actor Tob’ Chaiwat Thongsang circa 2007 posted in my first-ever, now defunct blog. . .

Now check his latest pictorial circa now. . .

Have you spotted the protruded part yet??? If not, move to next photos but this time, Tob does the semi-side view angle starting with this 2007 vintage pic. . .

Now check the latest one again. . .

Still Alicia Silverstone {as in “CLUELESS” syonga!) ??? Last one beginning with Tob in 2009. . .

Tob 2011. . .

Got it??? You dirty, naughty li’l monsters…don’t get sexcited yet just like the last time! I’m not talking about his bulging muscles or his…anyway, the protruded part of Tob’s anatomy is his. . .drum roll pliz!!!. . .

His NOSE! And did I use the correct terms, “Before-After” or it should be “Then-Now”??? ;-P


3 thoughts on ““Something” Is Protruding With Tob Chaiwat Thongsang!

  1. don’t think he had a nose job.
    a boy from 17 to his 22,his face type mabe changed .
    he looks babyface in his 17years old,a little bit fatter than now. he is much thinner now . waht’s more ,the pic you took to compare are not in same make up and triangle.

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