What’s Up, Witwisit…After A Year?

It’s been exactly a year since I featured my first, full-feature about “Love of Siam” actor and August Band front man, Witwisit “Pitch” Hiranyawongkul. Time flies so fast and it seems like that post was only like yesterday.

Where there is something about “Love of Siam” of course, expect the other star of it to be featured in the same issue of a magazine like this one from Hamburger—Mario Maurer.

Both Witwisit and Mario were two of the hottest items in my previous blog, Man of the Rose (MODR). Both of the linked posts above were also sort of  a mini-reunion for me with my avid MODR readers as they took time to comment there. A year gone by and still, MODR is being visited daily even though it has been finally closed for good. To this writing, it has manage to receive 734,646 views which is like, “Whew!” to me. I never thought I would gone this far as a blogger. Not to mention my other defunct first-ever blog, My Magic Lasso Tells The Truth which tallied a total of 200,000+ views before I decided to open up a new blog in the “persona” of MODR.

Anyway, part of this month’s issue of Hamburger Mag. is another Thai teen sensation, Chinawut ‘Chin’ Indracusin in his pre-Summer getup. . .

And if you think you feel the heat upon seeing the pics of Chin, wait ’til you see the other pics I posted from my MODR blog like this sampler. . .


2 thoughts on “What’s Up, Witwisit…After A Year?

  1. Witwisit is still my number one. He is talent loaded so to speak. he can act, sing and write songs. Not to mention his refreshing and youthful good looks.

  2. Your article entitled ” WHAT’S UP WITWISIT AFTER A YEAR” is perceived to focus on Witwisit’s wherabouts,what’s he busy with right now and stuff like that, but unfortunately there is nothing of that sort.

    I am a Witwisit fanatic and a little of Mario Maurer too but what happened, your article has nothing about them except that you refreshed our memory about your article on Witwisit last year and that’s it and nothing more !

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