Lady Gaga’s “Not” Born This Way!

I’m a monstrous Gaga fan but so sad to say this but her much-anticipated single, Born This Way (BTW) is not supposed to be “born that way”! When she announced the title of her new album, I was awakened with one word: INTRIGUED. Then she sampled the chorus part last year, that was lovely!  And towards the end of January, she released the lyrics, and it was awesome! But I was even deeply touched when a rumored snippet leaked and seriously, that was even far warmer and should I say, BETTER than the finished material. Then I realized that some things in this world shouldn’t be rushed as what Gaga proudly announced that she wrote the song in “10 f.cking minutes!”

The gay anthem of the decade? Could be. Catchy? Yes. Raw? Doubt it. Thematically, BTW has been patterned to Madonna’s “Express Yourself”— one of my favorite classic tracks from the Queen of Pop. The electronica beats are somewhat “Ray of Light”-ish, another favorite tune of mine which hit the charts way back 1999. And yes, the last few rhythms towards the end of the song was a reminiscent of “Future Lovers” from Mad’s “Confession On The Dancefloor” CD circa 2005. And did I mention that the “Vogue”-ish spoken bridge part is a total PART DEUX of her “Alejandro”???

BTW has a mixture of beats from bits of this song and that song that faltered the production sounded so cheap & cheesy. The derogatory terms, “cholos” and “orient” are somewhat “forgivable” as it may be used as a poetic license to cut the texts short & jive lyrically but the sound itself is something I’m not sure I’ll be able to cope up with.

Compared to her two previous hits, “Bad Romance” and “Poker Face”, these two songs are both catchy, polished and may I say more dramatic than BTW. I still get goosebumps every time I listen to those songs and that’s one main “ingredient” that Gaga missed in this song. If I were Gaga, I should’ve had an anti-dance electropop feel to it instead of going all the way disco to its tune to match with that fantastic, meaningful lyrics, am I right Robyn and Cyndi Lauper?

BTW could be the 1,000th #1 song in the Billboard’s Hot 100 chart and/or the 20th song to have debuted at the top spot but Lady Gaga needs to take her crapcraft seriously by making QUALITY over QUANTITY music. Or did she intentionally created BTW that way in order to maintain that talk-of-the-town FAME MONSTER status? I dunno. Let’s see how the other tracks on her new album in May or “Judas”, the second single to be released would sound like. Having said that, remind her that newcomer from UK, Edei sounds well with her funky, soul, dance-oriented song “In My Bed” and her charming, “Loved”.


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