Boy Pakorn Chaatroprirak Interview

A pharmacist by Chula University, Boy veered his career to entertainment, was voted “the CLEO 50 Most Eligible Bachelors 2008”, constantly on silver and LCD screens. Of late, he was cast in “4 Hearts of the Mounts” TV drama and “Ching Mah Terd” film.

After many locations including Nepal for the “4 Hearts”, here are his comments.

“It was fun in Nepal. I was there for a week but shooting took just a few days, the rest I roamed the place, more like a leisure trip. The town is charming with strange structures, plenty of lanes. What amazes me was the congested traffic, just like Bangkok.”

Boy with his "4 Hearts" co-stars, Nadech Kugimiya (left) and Mark Prin Suparat

On Mae Pan Valley-“I love its beauty, climate and exotic places. Here, winter looks entirely different from summer. We see fog in winter and it gets a bit chilly: while in summer you see the green pasture, like Savanna Field, rare animals, waterfall. I’ve been there quite a few times and greatly impressed. Being there during high season I think the place is not yet a booming tourist destination. Perhaps people would rather go to Doi Inthanon. But coming here is certainly worthwhile.”

On seaside-“The sea I like best is in Krabi for its multi-islands, each beautiful in its own way. Diving will open up another world of beauty, your sense of freedom seeing the underwater world which, though on the same planet, is like another world.”

On tourism’-“I’m for ecotourism. Being there and keep the place without marring. Keep it clean and don’t forget to help promote tourism in Thailand. I can say the western tourist more often conserve our country better than some of our people.”

Source: Weekend Magazine // Interview Story by: Chonthicha


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