When I was in the Philippines for a 3-week vacation last month,  I got stuck watching Pinoy movies in DVD aside from the primetime TV soaps. I guess that’s just me trying to catch up what I miss while I spend most of my life in another country. I would even ask my nieces & nephews for the names of the MANY new faces on TV (and even on movies). Sometimes, my eyes would pop big seeing those “veterans” given roles once again, which is really good so that the new generation would be able to recognize them.

Out now in DVDs and VCDs is Star Cinema’s horror flick, “CINCO”. It has an ensemble cast and divided into five episodes: “BRASO”, “PAA”, “MATA”, “MUKHA” and “PUSO” which are grippingly connected together by a single element and will be revealed in the end.

“Braso” which starred teen heartthrobs Sam Concepcion, Robi Domingo and AJ Perez (I always mistaken Sam and AJ for their significant identical resemblance) was the first of the five episodes and probably the shortest. And if you notice why I only have the screencaps of this episode is because it’s very rare you see these young lads in their boxer briefs topped with panties and brassieres from the beginning until the end of their episode. Why? In the movie, all three of them are being hazed as part of their fraternity rituals. Then they were locked inside a morgue where they discovered this “chopped” arm. Saga begins when the arm starts moving and terrorizing them. The arm was even NAUGHTY enough to grab AJ’s “li’l bro”!!!

“Paa” topbills Jodi Sta. Maria, with one of the most searched celebs here in my blog—Marco Manalac, in a special role, is definitely the movie’s most paradigmatic episode. It shows us the power of instant karma, reminding everyone not to own whatever doesn’t belong to you.

“Mata” features Maja Salvador and Rayver Cruz in the third episode and showcases truth about traffic / driving scenarios, balancing the element of repeated scenes as Maja keeps on dreaming via omen or stigmata.

“Mukha” stars Mariel Rodriguez in her most shrewish role ever reminding me of Dina Bonnevie. The episode is catchy that office people could relate to.

Lastly, “Puso” is the real heart of the movie starring Pokwang and Zanjo Marudo in this comedy-drama-horror episode. Though it has this “be careful what you wish for” slash “Wishmaster” element, the episode is entertaining enough due mainly to Pokwang’s effective comedic skills.

Overall, I did not yawn while watching “Cinco”. It’s worth buying it.


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