Remember from my previous post that I will spend a couple of hundred dollars err…Philippine Peso to purchase this colorful, trendy undies from Walker???  I did!  And as a proof, I took a liberty of taking a photo of myself wearing that chic undies. So the photo above is me wearing my newly purchased “Boom…Boom…Boom Walker Brief. . . . . . . . . . .not! Wish that was me ;-P Anyway, one thing for sure is that I will wear it tonight for the New Year’s Eve party in spirit that it will bring me a “crayon-like, prosperous, boom-boom-boom 2011” in my life—LOVE & FAME most especially.

Here’s the other “sexier than nude” undies from Walker that I purchased. . .

And since I’m now a patron of Walker undies (I’m a Bench underwear fanatic then & still is) and in light of the “calendar-giving season”, the sales lady at Sta. Lucia East Mall handed me a 2011 calendar poster with Walker spokesperson Ahron Villena in it.

As my thank you to all my readers, old & new ones, I scanned it (my scanner is small so pardon the missing portions in February, August & November of the calendar) for me to share with.

Wishing you all a blessed, fantabulous, New Year…have a nice 2011 ! ! !

NOTE: Ahron is having a mall tour in the Philippines. Yesterday, he was in SM Sta. Rosa. Not sure where & when is his next stop. Here’s the poster of his Meet & Greet. . .

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