Simbang Gabi

Simbang Gabi (Midnight Mass) is a traditional Pinoy custom being observed every Christmas. The history of this started during the Spanish era around 1669 in the Philippines when farmers would have no time to go to church so they decided to have an early morning mass. They would also offer rice to thank the Almighty Creator for the blessings that they received. Until it becomes a 9-day novena (Dec 16-24). They said, if you complete attending the whole nine days of the Simbang Gabi, your wish would come true.

I never missed attending Simbang Gabi especially during my salad days, at least by attending the beginning date, December 16, as it was also my “special day”. I would wake up and feel the cool morning breeze of the air and thank God for adding another year to my life. Of course there’s Puto Bumbong and Bibingka afterward (the real one before where they use “galapong” and not the powdered one that they use now).

After three years, I attended Simbang Gabi this morning once more with my three nieces. Didn’t sleep anymore as I enjoyed catching up Pinoy movies from the cable. Then after the mass, we immediately seek for a Puto Bumbong shop but we didn’t find one. So we headed home and later asked one of my nieces to go with me to another place and found only a Bibingka shop.

The Bibingka (pictured above) was good. It was filled with lots of cheese and salted egg yolk. But I will not stop until I eat Puto Bumbong before I come back to Bangkok this 28 Dec.

And now, you know why Simbang Gabi is important to me (“,)


4 thoughts on “Simbang Gabi

  1. Hey…Loved your blog…
    I found it looking for Ananda Everingham on google.
    I’m a big fan of him and love thai movies, but it’s really hard to find it here…I’m from Brazil…
    I sent U my facebook, add there

  2. that looks delicious nga! thinking about it, i suddenly remembered i haven’t eaten bibingka/puto bumbong this holiday season! :((

    Anyway, happy holidays 🙂

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