Ayon Sa Aking Bubuwit…

“Bubuwit” in Philippines is a small mouse. Every morning, my father would listen to radio for some news and tune in to one of the most popular broadcasters of all time—Mr. Deo Macalma. Part of Mr. Macalma’s radio program is his blind-item slash expose about celebs, politicians and other famous personalities. He would always mention, Ayon sa aking bubuwit…” which means “According to my mouse…”, mouse here of course is referred to as “spy” for being “mousy”.

So this morning, after eating my pandesal for breakfast, Mr. Macalma along with radio partner Ms. Ruth Abao-Espinosa, exposed another blind-item. The topic was: “POLITICIAN WENT WILD UPON KNOWING ONE OF HIS 3 BOYFRIENDS GOT A GIRLFRIEND”. Uh-huh!

Macalma mentioned that this gay politician provided each three boyfriends with fully-furnished house including LCD TVs, cars and of course, allowances. The boys are aged between 18-20 years old, “starlets” and all mestizo looking.

So upon knowing one of his boyfriends got a girlfriend, the gay politician went to his BF’s house, went wild and asked his “men” to remove all the appliances from the house. The gay politician also threw all the expensive plates on the floor and confronted his BF by asking, “How can you do this to me?” Macalma added that the BF reasoned to his gay politician benefactor, “It’s because there’s three of us in your life!” LOL! (Lame excuse right? So passe.)

Ms. Espinosa then butted in by asking Macalma why the gay politician should worry anyway he still have two more BFs “reserved”. Macalma then reasoned out that it’s because one boyfriend is for “breakfast”, the other for “lunch” and the last for “dinner”. Another LOL!

Then Ms. Espinosa asked for more clues about the poltician. Macalma mentioned that the gay governor, which “accidentally” slipped on his tongue, is very close to the previous administration, intelligent, very well politician especially in emergency cases.

Not satisfied yet, Ms. Espinosa asked for more clue. So instead of giving out more, Macalma then played a Santana song. That’s the end of it.

So to my Pinoy readers, do you know who is that “generous” gay politician???

Note: The above photo of actor, Matt Evans and his ad for Walker underwear is purely for presentation purposes only. They have nothing to do with the blind item featured here.

Speaking of Matt Evans, I’m so watching his soap opera in ABS-CBN’s “Juanita Banana”. And his Walker ad that you see above has been there (in Sta. Lucia East Mall) for quite sometime now as I’ve seen it already during my brief May 2010 visit in Manila. And it’s first blogged here!

I’m so buying one chic underwear design of Walker not because of Matt but because I do like its colorful, trendy design (“,)


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