Remembering World AIDS Day Today

They said that the best things in life are free. I’d say and contradict that by saying that “not all”. Anyone may acquire having AIDS whether your good or bad, concious or not. In life there are no guarantees but there’s always hope. In hope, we learn to care. By caring, we initiate responsibility among ourselves. With that responsibility, comes our willingness to appreciate the beauty of life and everything else surrounding it. That what makes us a truly free person.

So let’s all commemorate this important day to be safe, to protect ourselves and learn to LOVE those who are affected by it as that’s the only best gift that we can share with them FREELY.

So light a candle and utter prayers for our brothers & sisters who are undergoing this crisis, that the ALMIGHTY CREATOR guide them. Same for those who had suffered and is now departed…let them be the guardian angels.

To lighten things up, here's a nice photo of Thailand Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva wearing a hat made of condoms during an anti-HIV/AIDS campaign at the Parliament House last Nov. 25.


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