My Chart Predictions About Katy Perry’s Peacock & Firework’s Happened

As previously featured and predicted in my blog, Katy Perry’s “Peacock” is the incumbent #1 song at the Billboard’s Club Play Dance chart while “Firework” is currently ranked #6 in the Hot 100 chart. This was not the first time I’ve predicted a song to be a potential hit. Even way before, I knew which one is a crap and which one is not. I guess I just have this inborn talent or a knack for good music. By saying that, I won’t be surprised if Pink’s “Raise Your Glass” would become #1 this week or the week after while “Firework” moves notch up high all the way to the Top 3 slot…and even the top position. We’ll see.

For the meantime, enjoy this fan-made “Peacock” music video that I found from When in Manila.

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