Jonathan Lipnicki

Remember that nerdy-looking, half-pint sized li’l boy from the “Jerry Maguire” movie of Tom Cruise? He’s now 20 and  have transformed into a hunky looking dude. That’s Jonthan Lipnicki.

Yup. He’s the same guy as below:

He was the same boy we saw in the “Little Stuart” movie alongside Geena Davis and Hugh “Gregory House” Laurie.

I guess Jonathan’s transformation is much better than that of Vietnamese model, Chan Thanh San who really required the aide of a plastic surgeon. The only common denominator between Jonathan and Chan Than San is that they are gym people. Discipline and exercise, those are the major factors of keeping them fit. . .

And here are Jonathan’s pics a la Brokeback Mountain inspired:

So, take care of your body, speaking from someone like me who’s lazy to go to the gym. But at least I walk everyday, once in the morning and once in the evening. That’s how I maintain my “figure”. More of Jonathan’s aging timeline here.