Ye Deight

It’s a delight to have Ye Deight or also sometimes spelled as Ye Tike, one of my former models in Myanmar, as my featured Pin-up of the Day. It’s even great to announce to you all how proud I am with Ye Deight’s celeb status in Myanmar right now. From a humble person to an aspiring model and now a big star, I never doubt that someday, Ye Deight would make it big. And that someday has finally arrived, that is now.

Ye Deight at the Myanmar Academy Awards

When I see a real talent, I can smell a potential. I’ve had many predictions about people who would “make it someday” and turned out to be one later on. Ye Deight was one of those.

One thing I noticed about him is his eagerness to learn and listen from his “Sayar” or Master. His depth in acting and projection are another major, major characteristics that he has and it’s no wonder why he landed roles in movies and music videos.

I’m sure you’d like to see how does Ye Deight looked like four years ago. Here are his model profile pics from my previously owned ad & event agency in Yangon—Creative License Advertising & Promotions or C.L.A.P. in short.  

Ye Deight's model profile pics in my previous ad agency

And here’s a photo of us during our rehearsal for my “LipIce Danz Craze ’05 Contest” held at Hotel Nikko Royal Lake Yangon. In these photos, you’ll see how determined and serious Ye Deight was while I give them the briefing. The next two photos that you will see are the scans of my ad in Myanmar Times about the said contest where Ye Deight took part as one of my dancing models and a special mention of our show in the Socialite page of The Myanmar Times. . .

Ye Deight carefully listens to my instructions during our rehearsal circa 2005

My event show in partnership with Nikko Hotel Royal Lake Yangon

My show (and pic) was featured in the Nov 2005 issue of The Myanmar Time's "Socialite" page

Here are some more of Ye Deight’s latest pics:

a person whom you trained before and after you left has now become a real star.

Aung Ye Lin

So the lesson in life, “Success comes to those who patiently wait and who are determined, focused and serious to be a real star.”


24 thoughts on “Ye Deight

  1. I am one of his fun. I like ye deight’s action and his styles…. I wish if possible I want to be a friend with ye deight…..

  2. ရဲတိုက္ကိုအရမ္းၾကိဳက္တယ္ရဲတိုက္ကဒို႔ရဲ႕ခေရဇီမင္းသားပါၾကိဳးစားေနာ္အျမဲအားေပးေနမယ္

  3. Hi ko ye tike my name is nan lay nwe. I am 17 y old. I like to be Burma actress but my parents does not agree than I feel bad every day. When I saw u photo and u letters I feel better u were so lucky. But a lot of people love u and I can’t say u anything I think I will meet u one day and to talk u a lot words!
    Can we meet oneday? If u agree I would happy. Thank you bye bye…

  4. the first time i watch u movice in 2013 july now is 5 aug 2013 only all of shweo n mizimat allmost finish whem my hasband watch u action he love u also our family like u act sametime forgot our age try more u must be the best a actor u have time. goodluck little boy ye tike

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