Poll Results & Call For Votes

I’ve included tons of Polls in my blog. Some of them were reciprocated in return with enthusiastic response while others were treated with less importance. Nevertheless, it’s my duty to give you the results of those Polls. So I’ve closed the old ones and maintain the remaining eight newer Polls for those of you who hasn’t voice out your votes yet.

I won’t wrap up all those old Polls so I just decided to feature the Top 3 Polls who garnered the most votes slash attention. Let’s begin with . . .


When asked, “Overall, who is your best bet?”, the decision was unanimous: Cristiano Ronaldo defeated Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite a.k.a. Kaka by scoring 61.47% or 71 votes over Kaka who got only 38.36% or 44 votes. To read the full story of this entry, click here.


He became an instant star after baring to the world his inner talent in Repertory Philippines’ “EQUUS”. In my “Not Most People Series” interview with him, I enclosed a Poll by asking everyone if Marco has that “it” factor to portray the character Alan Strang in Equus in which you guys heavily responded with a total votes of 82 which was divided into: 44 votes who screamed “Absolutely Yes!” and 20 votes for a moderate “Yes!” while only a few kill-joy disagreed. Check out that interview here.


Making it to the Top 3 was my poll once again about Marco Manalac and Equus but this time with a twist of Red Concepcion who alternated Marco as Alan Strang. And when asked who they want to peep watch for the said role, Marco got the unanimous and roaring number of votes with 65 total or 83.33% compared to Red who only got 5 votes. Click here for your further reading of the said entry.

For now, I’m giving you 8 recent Polls for your kind consideration. Cast your votes by clicking the links underneath each photo to direct you straight to my blog entries. Waste no time as close date for these Polls will be on November 28. Once again, I will only feature the Top 3 Polls with the most number of votes slash attention (“,) So makibaka! Now na!

Judge Bruno here


Salivate here

Reminisce here

Ra-ra-ra-ra-ra! here

Get under her spell here

Text your votes here

Leave “nothing” but votes here

Have fun time after time by voting here


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