Tack Paranyu’s Swimwear Stir “Controversy” On New Movie Poster

It’s all too much Paranyu “Tack” Rojanavudtitham has discarded his skimpy swimming briefs for a pair of trousers in movie posters for a kathoey ghost flick, after the censor objected.

The model, DJ and occasional actor appears in a pair of white swimming trunks in director Poj Anon’s comedy, Hor Taew Taek Waek Chi Mi, his third instalment in the Hor Taew Taek series for Phranakorn Film.

Poj shot a poster promoting the movie in which Tack wore the same pair of skimpy togs. However, the poster and the movie’s name failed to pass the scrutiny of the censors, forcing Poj to make changes.

Now, the wording has been tweaked – Waek , a more polite version of Haek (to force apart, spread apart), as it was originally – and Tack has put on more clothes. Tack, who plays a ghost in the wacky comedy flick, now appears in a new version of the poster wearing a sensible pair of trousers.

However, if the Ministry of Culture’s taste arbiters thought outspoken director Poj would take the changes lying down, they can think again. “I don’t understand what’s come over Thailand … what a strange place,” he said last week. “A guy appears in a pair of swimming briefs and falls foul of the censor. Yet women can appear in skimpy bikinis and get away with it.

“Seeing a woman in a bikini could motivate a guy to commit a crime. But how many women who see a man in a swimsuit will do bad deeds?” he asked.

Tack appeared in the original poster wearing swimwear because his character dies in a swimming pool. “It was a natural choice. How many of us go swimming in a suit?” Poj asked.

The poster has now been reshot, with Tack – who has graced racy magazine spreads, if not censored movie posters, wearing nothing but speedos – bare-chested, but wearing a pair of serious looking trousers.

Asked about the fuss, Tack said he wished censors would learn to look at the world in broader terms: “Never mind … we shot it again. But their decision seems inconsistent. I’ve seen much worse, which for some reason escapes the censor’s pen,” he said.

One gossip rag said the original poster showed too much of Tack’s manhood for the censor’s comfort, so the office asked that it be cut.

“I ran in and out of the swimming pool scene for hours, wearing nothing but swimming briefs.

“However, I took precautions. I wasn’t worried he would slip out, as I wore an extra pair underneath,” he said, referring to Little Tack.

The film will be released in early March.

Tack also gets to show off his body in the Thai erotic movie, Nam Tan Daeng 2 (Brown Sugar 2), now in cinemas. He performs a steamy love scene with actress Z-Nam Suntorn.

“Everything’s for real, but for the penetration … that didn’t happen. However, our love scene was hard work, and a difficult shoot,” Tack said.

“I’m a modest person. If you stroke me, I am not automatically aroused. I had to take smelling salts, I was so stressed.”

Tack said he is pleased he gets to show off his body in the films, as he knows he won’t have much to boast about when he gets older.

“If I’m still young enough to show off my six pack, why not? When I get older it will be too late,” he joked.

(Source: Bangkok Post)

Post Note: I guess I have to agree with Tack at some point when he complained about women wearing skimpy swimming attires are “OK” compared to men wearing trunks. If the movie is really about his character who died in the pool, then the first movie poster of him is justifiable and I’d say has the “creative license” to do so. And the way it has been executed is not erotic nor too sexy at all compared to the below photo shoots (Photo Gallery Below) that he did for Volume Magazine in 2008 & 2009.

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