“GLEE Just Want To Have Fun”

If Ryan Murphy is reading this post, I’d be glad to give him the above title free of charge just to feature one of the iconic legends of the 80’s era…CYNDI LAUPER!

After watching Rosie’s Theater Kids’ performance tribute to Cyndi, the first thing that cling in my head is Glee. And with the beautiful voices of its cast especially the powerful vocal timbres of Rachel Berry and now joined by Sunshine Corazon, I’m pretty sure they will rock unto Ms. Lauper’s classics. We know that they already did “True Colors” before but a separate tribute to the original quirky, cookie and unusual pop icon wouldn’t hurt at all.

Legal issue-wise, since all the soundtrack albums of Glee is being released under Columbia Records, all of Cyndi’s early hits were published under Epic & Portrait Records and all three record labels are owned by Sony Music Entertainment (Cyndi’s previous label company) so I believe it won’t be a major, major issue at all.

And if the title, “GLEE Just Want To Have Fun” isn’t enough, we could always go with “Glee: The Music, The POWER of LAUPER” (good rhyme, right?) named after their previous tribute to Mad’s, “Glee: The Music, The Power of Madonna”. And if this happens, GLEE paying tribute to CYNDI LAUPER would be nothing but FUN (“,)

Watch Cyndi’s 80’s Megamix here and see for yourself why people dubbed her the original Lady Gaga (“,)

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