iPhone or Blackberry: Which 1 R U?

Style or Essence? Which one is which? Most of my friends now are using ___________ but since I’m not most people and I do really want it ever since, I’d prefer to own one ___________ someday.

So which one are you? I’d love to see how many of you are iPhone maniacs and Blackberry gagas from the Poll below and who knows, you might be able to convince me to change my mind not to buy __________ and settle for __________ instead 😉


2 thoughts on “iPhone or Blackberry: Which 1 R U?

  1. i’d go for the iPhone.

    don’t get me wrong…i like the looks of a blackberry but i don’t know, having a blackberry comes with a price, you need to pay for the bb services on your operator for it to be fully functional and its interface is…plain boring within the applications.

    iphones are eye candies, they have lots of apps but they have lots of limitations like sending files through bluetooth (and many more)

    i’ve always been a fan of you since your previous blog. i actually hoped that you’ll return after you announced that you’ll be quitting blogging so i stil continued viewing your previous site and here you are again now! 😀

    as a fan i’d like to share some of my opinions regarding gadgets and phones in particular.

    if you want a phone with cheap price without limiting the functionality of the phone i’ll recommend samsung Wave s8500 or s8530. check gsmarena.com for the details
    the new OS might have limited when it comes to apps but i’m sure that soon enough they’ll be able to be on par with the others.

    out of the box features of this phone would be
    *the best display you’ll get
    *2-3 days battery life
    *bluetooth 3 for fast data sending
    *wifi hotspot (i forgot what this feature is really called but it’s very helpful especially if you have a good internet plan from your operator. you could use the phone wirelessly on other gadgets)
    *you no longer to convert huge movies as it can play almost all hd formats on your phone without the need of iTunes

    i would also like to recommend phones with android os. it’s the currently the big thing in the US.

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