Planetshakers Live in Bangkok 2010!

October 31, 2010 Sunday. Most people either go for Trick or Treats or celebrate Halloween by partying all night long. Most people but me…and my friends Tatum and Aui of Khomson Photography.

Aui, my partner photographer during Charice’s press con and live concert here in Bangkok, invited and bought me a ticket to attend a concert from an Australian rock ensemble called Planetshakers. And they are not just your typical band—they are a Christian band who sing & worship in God’s name!

The nearly two-hour praise concert held at the Indoor Stadium Huamark was packed with Christians from all walks of life: kids, teenagers, young adults, adults. Mostly Thais, it was also attended by many foreigners including fellow Filipinos.

Not only we danced and sang with the band—we “rocked” to each lively praise music as we offer ourselves to the Lord. There was never a dull moment even when we have to slow down to sing along with their ballad tunes. And I felt so good, in fact great as if my soul’s soaring so high in the sky. “Anything for You Jesus,” I told myself as we lifted our hearts to the sounds of heaven.

And for those of you who wants to know the members of Planetshakers, allow me introduce them to you. . .

Henry Seeley, the lead vocalist
Background vocalist, Natalie Carger
Another background vocalist and another ‘Natalie’, Nat Box
Guitarist, Chris
The Bassist, apologies as I dunno his name (“,)
BJ, the half-Aussie, half-Pinoy keyboardist
Last but not the least, Andy, the drummer

It was truly a very invigorating experience watching, singing & dancing with Planetshakers as we all give honor to God. They truly shook us—in a mission of love. Amen! (“,)

Watch them as they sing here and here and during the signing session courtesy of edg2293.

Aui of Khomson Photography (right) at the back stage with BJ (left) and Henry Seeley

Pui (left), Aui's childhood friend from Khon Kaen and a Christian worship leader in their church with yours truly as we enter the stadium


4 thoughts on “Planetshakers Live in Bangkok 2010!

  1. I love planetshakers and i want to see them in personal eyes to eyes my,, favorite song is nothing is impossible,,
    cause i bieleve nothing is im possible with GOD,,,,,,,,,,,,, thats all GOD BLESS UR GROUP

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