Nicole Scherzinger’s POISON!

Nicole Scherzinger's channeling a Catwoman for her "Poison" video. Photo courtesy of: The Sun

“Got venom dripping from my lips/Know who you’re about to kiss/Think that you can handle it, boy, it’s on/Just step into the danger zone/Shake it if you wanna roll, never bend,/Just take control, stakes are on”—that’s the first stanza of Nicole Scherzinger‘s debut single, ‘Poison’, off from her upcoming untitled debut album under the production of RedOne.

‘Poison’ is due for release on November 29, 2010 so brace yourselves!

The promo photos of this Filipina-Russian-Hawaiian lead singer of Pussycat Dolls looks so fierce & fabulously hot! You can check the article from The Sun as they also interview her about the video for ‘Poison’. Watch it here.

No wonder she topped in my Search Engine Term yesterday, if not, always included since these past few weeks. Overall, she is the 7th most searched person/term in my blog. . .

And I do have a strong feeling that song will either be a Top 10 hit or top at Billboard’s Hot 100 chart and will surely reign at the Dance Club Play’s chart too. Wait ’til her video comes out, I’m sure many gays will rejoice and be more than honored to mimic Nicole’s dance moves…and costume too just like the “Catwoman” pic above!

Hear the song from Nicole’s Official YouTube Channel.

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