Wrap ‘n’ Roll

gỏi cuốn or summer roll

It’s a beautiful day. It’s a beautiful life. Looking back, I have so many things that I’m so grateful for from the Mighty Creator above. One of which, is my another mission accomplished responsibility last September. I was able to single-handedly manage a four-day conference & incentive trip last September in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for 18 VIPs who are mostly VPs and regional managers of a very popular IT company. On top of that, I have to reply all my emails from my boss and divert my very little time left arranging for our next event in November for another client and to be held in HCMC once again. I must admit that it was exhausting but this wasn’t the first time that this happened and me emerging in the end. I’m already immune to it.

Just three days after our event, ’twas  a Monday to be exact, my boss & I received an email from the Organizer (this term refers to our client who is in charge of the event and our main contact person). A letter of appreciation for a job well done that we did for their group. She also enclosed the email from one of the VPs who attended the trip expressing her great satisfaction. And for us people who work behind the curtain, that’s enough BONUS for us aside from the smile on their faces during the event days itself. No AMOUNT or kind of REWARD could match a LIVING PROOF like that.


Vietnamese spring roll wrapped in rice crepes with dimsum

With my heart filled with joy, kindly allow me to share with you that email correspondence from our client so that you may get inspired as well to BELIEVE IN YOURSELVES no matter what CHALLENGES you might face to get through at the end of the day. I substituted the name of my boss using “(My Boss’s Name)” and our client’s name with “Organizer)” out of discretion.  Here’s the said email correspondence. . .

Hi (My Boss’s Name)  and Carlo,
Here is a very nice note from one of the VPs.  Thought I share this with you.
(My Boss’s Name), I must say Carlo is really great.  He has helped me with lots of last minute requests and changes and importantly always executes with a smile and “can-do” attitude.  He is so flexible and proactive.  You’re really fortunate to have him on your team.   We are all impressed by him.
Carlo, you have done great.  You have been a great partner to me.  Because of you and your flexibility, we could fine-tune the program to a much better one.  I am very appreciative of your great attitude, “can-do” attitude and flexibility.  You can see it is important for this team of senior executives (they are demanding in their needs, but you have helped me managed these well).  THANK YOU!! I look forward to the next event with you.  On a personal note, thanks for the frame recommendation.  It turned out very well and my husband is very pleased with the choice.  Thanks again.
And below is what one of the satisfied VPs wrote to our Organizer just a day after the final event date in which she generously shared to us. . .
I wanted to say, “Thank You very much! It has been the greatest extended staff event since FY08. It’s also the most engaging one by far. Thank you for making the event a perfect one! We know it’s never easy with the ever high demanding staff like us and especially managing the logistic in HCMC!
Have a well rested weekend!
Now, that’s what I call a real WRAP ‘N’ ROLL delicacy! I was able to WRAP-up the event with flying colors with people recognizing what you have done for them—and this will serve as another inspiration to keep me ROLLing for our upcoming events in the near future (“,)

2 thoughts on “Wrap ‘n’ Roll

  1. Have you tried their Pho soups Bes? Vietnamese noodles has always been my comfort food. Congratulations for another feather on your cap. Keep it up.

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