Charice Ranks #4 at Billboard’s “21 Under 21”

Bring it on! “When that girl opens her mouth, angels fly out.” And that’s according to Ryan Murphy, the executive music producer of “Glee”. And you’re not the only one who noticed that Ryan. Millions around the globe were amazed by this little girl’s huge voice.

Yup, our very own CHARICE made it to Billboard’s list of “21 Under 21” beating the likes of Wonder Girls at #16, fellow Glee star Chris Colfer at #13, Gossip Girl’s Taylor Momsen at #12, Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus at #10, Camp Rock’s Demi Lovato at #8 and even Nick Jonas at #6. Of course the Top 3 belongs to Selena Gomez at #3, Justin Bieber at#2 and TaylorLautnerSwift at the #1 slot.

And while writing this post, I’m listening to Charice’s “Nothing”, my favorite track from her self-titled debut album. I feel so proud for this Pinay…and do I feel “Nothing” at all? I’m not calloused like the other Filipino haters out there. I WILL SUPPORT CHARICE NO MATTER WHAT. Period. (“,)


4 thoughts on “Charice Ranks #4 at Billboard’s “21 Under 21”

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