Young Thai Stars Boy & Mint in Yangon; I Miss Myanmar!!!

The moment I saw the photos of actors & models “Boy” Pakorn Chaatroprirak and “Mint” Nutvara Wongwasana gracing the cover of Honeymoon + Travel in the Golden Land, Myanmar, flashbacks immediately struck my mind. To those of you who do not know, I stayed in Yangon, Myanmar for 7 years. Yes. S-E-V-E-N  Y-E-A-R-S. Not months. Haw bar de kam yar.

I miss those 1950 or 1960 style taxis (first photo above) and you have to negotiate in their native tongue in order not to be ripped off. I also miss those colonial buildings (second photo above) in the downtown area.

I miss those unique & fascinating ladies (and some straight men too) wearing “thanaka”, a yellowish-white cosmetic paste made from ground bark and is applied in their face down to their toes to make their skin smoother and gain fairer complexion.

I miss those lottery shops too. People there take chances in this and usually asks the assistance of monks to discern the winning numbers for them.

I miss Sule Pagoda. It is one of the main attractions in the downtown area. The ground area is usually surrounded by mini commercial businesses like photo ID studios.

I miss those “air-conditioned” buses using natural air from open windows. Yup.  Mostly, I miss those Bus Ad installation nights with my fellow advertising team.

I miss those lakes & parks in Yangon. It was all memorable to me. The fun, the drama, the scenario…aw mar lay!

My friends (Myanmar, Pinoys & farangs) are all asking me if when will I visit them since I left four years ago. I really want to. But with all the new leads and RFPs we’re doing recently plus the big preparation we’re doing for our next HCMC event next month, I don’t think I will be able to visit this lovely place. But I do miss them so much.

For the meantime, I will always have my tons of photo albums and my Socialite tear sheets from Myanmar Times to remind me of my “living high & mighty” slash “celebrity” life in Yangon. Here are my first and last Socialite appearances. The rest, you may view in the gallery below. . .

And while nostalgia and melancholy are what I’m feeling right now, I just have to wait for the right moment when I’d be with my “loved” ones there: friends, acquaintances, familiar faces, foes, special someones. Sigh.


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