Take Us To Mars, Bruno!

Half-Puerto Rican, Half-Filipino. That is Peter Gene Hernandez who turned 25 years old just 5 days ago. And if you’re not familiar with Mr. Hernandez’ name but rather his face, it is because you’re looking at Bruno Mars the singer behind the current #1 song, “Just The Way You Are” in the Billboard Hot 100 chart with his debut album, “Doo-Wops & Hooligans” debuting at #3 with 55,000 copies sold in its first week.

Uh-huh. Another pride of the Republika ng Pilipinas. Bruno Mars was one of the six children who grew up in a musical clan. Already a pro at such a young age being the “Little Elvis” as he graced the cover of MidWeek and a cameo in the film, “Honeymoon in Vegas” in 1992.

Aside from Elvis Presley, he also cited Michael Jackson, Prince and Tupac Shakur as his musical influences. It’s no wonder he even impersonated the King of Pop as seen int he photo below. . .

And if you love the songs “Billionaire” and “Nothin’ On You”, then you should probably known by now that he was also the featured singing voice behind those songs. Honestly, I’ve listened to those songs a couple of times but did not pay attention to the singers at that time until I saw his pic at Billboard. At one look, I knew Bruno has a Filipino blood. With the aide of Google and Wiki, I proved to myself once more that most of my instincts are right. In fact, the first thing that came to my mind when I saw his pic was that he has a resemblance from some famous Pinoy celebs. Who are they? Let’s scrutinize one by one. . .

Pinoy Celeb Look-A-Like of Bruno Mars #1: Actor/Model/ Singer JERICHO ROSALES

Pinoy Celeb Look-A-Like of Bruno Mars #2: Actor/Singer JEFFREY HIDALGO

Agree? I guess we just have to put it in a poll.

(Photo Sources: MidWeek, imusicdaily)


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