Hey! Tran Thanh Son!

For the past 7 days, Chan Than San was on the sixth place in my ‘Most Searched’ Engine. So I decided to pay attention to it by blogging to you the exclusive shots from Hey! Mag of this Vietnamese model …which is of course FIRST BLOGGED HERE!

Tran Thanh Son (Chan Than San’s real Vietnamese name), as you all know, is a classic product of science. He admitted undergoing facial surgery to uplift his ‘personality’ from being an ugly duckling to a comely swan. Though scalpels had helped him gain that “new image” that he always wanted, he on the other hand is proud to say that his body has not been “touched up” by a single surgeon. It was a product of his diet discipline & workout so don’t you dare raise your eyebrows…please!

Anyway, I would like to dedicate this post to all the people who searched for Chan Than San in my blog, his fans, those who voted in my previous survey about: “Would You Enhance Your ‘Image’ Given The Chance & Money?” and last but not the least, to fellow blogger Dirtii Laundry who said: “Maybe I’m a shallow person, but I like him as he is now. His face may be fake, but his body sure isn’t. YUM!”—she talks about Chan Than San, of course!

Enjoy the photo galore in the gallery below. . .



7 thoughts on “Hey! Tran Thanh Son!

  1. uber love it.
    never mind that he’s retokado. hehe
    waah, havent been online lately.
    but whenever i do, i always visit this blog, and the “other” blog. wink wink
    waah, as always, late na naman ako sa deadline mo. wasnt able to comment there…
    huhu, me want more of course.
    we want more!!!
    re-live the “league” 😀

    anyhow… since i didnt make the deadline… i still hope youll still post more pics there… for avid followers like me…

    if not… email mo na lang ako paminsan minsan through this email ad. hehe

    and congrats on the citation at manila bulletin.
    more power

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