He’s Back!…And Mario Maurer Shows You How To Eat A Banana

Careful Mario, you may choke! ;-P

Before I continue, this blog entry is dedicated to all my beloved Manofdrose readers which include (in no particular order):dale, franz, dennis, utada, Ron, Merrick, ethan, Traxex, krebs, fukiko, Cromi, Pen, edward, Johnvic, Ule, dyesi, rodell, Badet, bluejay_junior, Zack Octavio, maccallister, rye, maute, Joe, Mario Diaz, sydney, Ewan, Tina Moran, Ibe, sonny, J. Roc, Thadie and The Barefoot Baklesa among a few. And if I forgot to mention your name here, just let me know. I know this blog is far different from where we’ve met the first time and I just want to thank you all for being there for me. I may not see/read your comments here at “I’m Not Most People!” but your ‘presence’ is much felt…miss you guys (“,)

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Mario Maurer sure does know how to make a BIG comeback. His movie, “First Love” is still showing in cinemas, while hos other movie, “The Dog” is out this 28 Oct and he is set to star in another film, “Bangkok Kung Fu” which was moved from December this year to 3 February 2011.

The actor & model who rose to fame due to his award-winning role of Tong in the “Love of Siam” flick three years ago shows that he is still “active” in the industry. In fact, that cute photo of him above was taken last month during the cast & crew’s blessing/offering ritual for his another new movie tentatively due on 30 December this year titled, “Saranae Hen-Pee” and opposite Thailand’s highest paid actress, Aump Patcharapa. Here are 2 more pics of him munching on Thai dessert. . .

Not just that, Mario has another soap opera after his “Autumn Destiny”. Here are the pics with the other cast. . .

He’s been active recently doing a lot of TV guesting and appearances may it be eco-related. . .

or partying with other Thai celebs. . .

or gracing the cover of a magazine. . .

…this is only to prove that Mario still has that “it” factor to stay prominently relevant in Tinseltown versus the bunch of newcomers and uprising stars. If it’s any consolation, Mario’s die-hard fans are screaming on top of their hair roots by now.

3 thoughts on “He’s Back!…And Mario Maurer Shows You How To Eat A Banana

  1. Cee, it’s just now that I’ve found time to browse the net and how my heart brimmed with joy to see this appreciative post! Thank you!

    Ingat lang lagi diyan Cee! 🙂

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